Thursday, September 12, 2019

Purpose and Mission Statement

My life purpose is to live an exceptional and amazing life; A life full of joy and excitement.  I will live life with passion, experience joy every day, and be a central part of a close knit community of friends and family.  


My vision is to have strong discipline and indestructible will power. To be able to accept everything that life throws at me and allow it to make me stronger. I will have a strong understanding of myself, my mind, my emotions, my body, my energy levels and how they react to various experiences and situations. 

I will be mentally and emotionally solid. I will wake up every day with vigor, energy, mental clarity, focus, and a sharp mind. I will have a mind with a great memory and an abundance of creativity. I will be free of negative stress and anxiety, living every day with a positive outlook. I will be friendly, outgoing, complaint free, never gossiping or holding grudges. I will accept life events as they come, forgive those who wrong me, and embrace the positive in every situation. I’ll have impeccable confidence and an extremely high self-esteem and self-worth.  I will find love, both within myself and with the people around me. I will be a person people turn to for help and support because I add value to those around me.


Wisdom is a central element of my life. I strive to be constantly learning and improving my knowledge through everyday experiences and observations as well as structured education and learning paths. I will share my knowledge with others and bounce my ideas off of the greatest minds. I will seek to understand everyone’s viewpoint, understand the hows and the whys and seek to find wisdom in their visions. I will be a great listener and use these conversations to grow my knowledge.  I will express gratitude for the things in my life and show appreciation for the people around me. I will be a person of great integrity. I will live my life congruently inwardly and outwardly


My life will be very active. I will be physically fit and physically desirable. I will live below my means, but still have an abundance of wealth. I will provide myself with things I love and enjoy but not spoil myself with useless excesses. I will live a very organized, tidy, and clean lifestyle. I will shine with a reflection of purity through my actions and my attitude.  I will smile and laugh all the time.  I'll enjoy every moment possible and live in the now.  I will set goals and create clear measurable paths to achieve them.  I will have a constant and consistent deep desire, passion, and motivation to achieve my goals and will never waiver.  I will appreciate my accomplishments and grow and learn from them.